The Coceter Chronicles [v0.15 Beta1] [Nverjos]

The Coceter Chronicles

The story starts off in the world of Runda'almare, where a rift has appeared leading to our world. This isn't uncommon, however do to what happened the last time a rift appeared, the El'wen (Fae race of Runda'almare) are choosing to be cautious. You take the role of Tabitha, a not so normal Fae, who's been tasked with scouting the human world, and examining how they have evolved since the last rift. Though something isn't quite right, and the history books may have been lying about the last human world expedition.​


Release date: 05 August 2016

Thread updated: 

February 14, 2022 - 5:53 pm

Developer: Nverjos


Engine: RPGM

OS: Windows

Language: English

Censored: No

> Installation? <

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Game.exe" to start playing.

> Changelog <
v0.15 Beta 01
While I'm calling this a Beta for version .15, I'll likely release this as a large patch next week. This version has no new content, but several fixes and changes to previous content. The change log is fairly long.

Bug Fixes - All Chapters

Fixed several instances where Choices were not raising Tabitha's Attributes.
Fixed several instances where Choices were not highlighted in their respective colors.
Fixed several instances where Guidance rings would turn the wrong color when activated
Fixed several instances where Tabitha could explore beyond a maps boundries.

Bug Fixes - Chapter 1

Fixed Tabitha being visible during the prelude sequence.
Fixed several scenes in Chapter 1 that still used the old colored fonts for dialogue.
Fixed wrong dialogue appearing when picking up Xara's Panties in chapter 1
Fixed the Sage/Fiora Peep scene not removing the overlay or displaying Tabitha's avatar when choosing to leave instead of watch

Bug Fixes - Chapter 2

Fixed the Hole in the Cellar not having a Gold Guidance ring on it.
Fixed Shelly's Avatar appearing when Tabitha talks in some of their conversations
Fixed being able to walk on the Groper's Table in Chapter 2
Fixed the Fourthwall Event on Courtney's Computer in Chapter 2, so Courtney teleports properly.
Fixed switching maps in Chapter 2 after following Becca into the cave from changing night into day.
Fixed a Waitress appearing twice at the same time in Titty City.
Fixed the game freezing when choosing to not share the bed with Courtney in Chapter 2.
Fixed Bruske movement speed during cutscenes.
Fixed Aurora being present in Thrift before going shopping with Courtney
Fixed using Scene Skip during Calen's scene and choosing No Sex from not progressing the storyline
Fixed using Scene Skip during Calen's scene and choosing Threesome from acting as if Tabitha had done it alone.
Fixed - Calen will now Face Fuck Tabitha when choosing the No Way! or Virgin options.
Fixed the Save Update menu appearing when choosing "Agree" When Courtney ask to sleep together in Vurand.
Fixed a menu appearing during the Awakening Ritual scene

Bug Fixes - Chapter 3

Fixed Tabitha being able to exit the Vurand House naked after her ritual.
Fixed night turning back to day when returning from Vurand.
Fixed being able to enter Glamour Shots on night 1 of Chapter 3.
Fixed Courtney's avatar being invisible during her Lingerie sex scene.
Fixed the Quest Log not updating after Courtney's Lingerie scene
Fixed Futa Tabi making an appearance in the Non-Futa Aurora sex scene
Fixed backwards animations in the Groper Threesome scene
Fixed the final kiss with Courtney before Larina's from not appearing on screen.
Fixed the stairs in Larina's Tower
Several fixes to the Trix scene (Non-Futa version)
Fixed the Guards in chapter 3 will no longer freeze in place after Tabitha is caught.
Fixed escaping the castle dungeon sometimes leaving the screen black.

Bug Fixes - Chapter 4

Fixed Losing affection with Keena no matter what choice you made during her bath scene in Eldin
Fixed Kara's initial conversation raising affection with the twins. (Putting the Twinsome Quest in the middle of itself)
Fixed the Sundial in Eldin being usable before they've been introduced
Fixed Xara's tent not having a Pink Guidance ring
Fixed the Scold options on the Feylings from using the wrong line.
Fixed Nyx, Kara, Layla, and Tatia's panty menu's not appearing

Render Fixes

Ch2 Courtney and Calen NonFuta Animation (Frames were backwards)
Ch3 Cashmere Animation Fixed (Wonky Legs)
Ch3 Troy Sex Scene (Renders weren't 1280x960)
Ch4 Futa Glory Hole Animation Fixed (Weird Vagina in animation)
Ch4 Keegan Blowjob Animation fixed (Keegan's Clothes were wonky acting.)

Changes - All Chapters

New Animation System in place. (Give me feedback on it.)

Changes - Chapter 1

Tabitha now requires a Sluttyness of 7 or higher to "wiggle her ass" for the Fae Man when getting the Bucket for the Brothel Peep Scene.

Tabitha now requires a Sluttyness of 10 or higher to "Flash" the Lorianne Stalker
The Brothel Peep scene will now raise Tabitha's Arousal by 10 to 20 points.
Yusara's Peep scene will now raise Tabitha's Arousal by 10 to 20 points
Taler's romance is now initiated by doing any sexual act with him
Removed a romance check for Sage in his Tub Optional scene

Changes - Chapter 2

Sex with Courtney on the first night no longer triggers her romance, however Kissing her in the morning does.
Increased the chance of the Fitness Guy sex scene in Chapter 2 to 50%. (up from 33%)
Tabitha now always agrees to go with Shopping with Courtney.

Changes - Chapter 3

Added a proper transition between Courtney's Lingerie scene and the morning.
Increased the sluttyness needed for the Groper Threesome to 24 to initiate it.
Added 2 more points of sluttyness to Tabitha if she does the DP portion of the Groper Threesome scene.
The final scene of Risque Modeling can now be acivated both before and after entering Larina's Cave in the main quest.
Added Sluttyness and Arousal checks and Gains to the Cashe and Cashmere scenes in the Almare Tavern.

Changes - Chapter 4

Added Sluttyness and Temperament gains to Keena's bath scene
Added Romance, Sluttyness and Temperament gains to Keegan's reward scene.
Added Romance, Sluttyness, and Temperament gains to Sage's reunion scene
Changed the Choices slightly in the Sage Reunion scene
Removed the fourthwall break on the Tavern Stairs in Eldin (Obviously I've put the stairs in since the .14 beta)
Added a backdrop to the conversations and scenes with Nyx
Tabitha can now enter Sages room on morning of Day 2 of Chapter 4 to initiate his sex scene, if done before meeting with Yusara in the market place.
Keegan will now appear at the supply tent at night, if the Twinsome quest is active and he has not been spoken with yet.

Chapter 4 Begins!
Added 21 New scenes to the game with over 1100 new renders (I lost count, its probably around 1200-1300 renders) Do note, the majority of these scenes are optional, and you will have to explore to find them. In fact, I believe only 2 or 3 scenes are part of the actual storyline.
20+ New Maps to explore, 5 Large ones, and a lot of smaller ones.

v0.14 Beta Patch2
Nyx Quickie scenes are finished (They are repeatable for now)
Added a small scene with Keena and Tatia if the Twinsome quest is active and Tatia has been met.
Added the Daily Event data for the Daily workout and Read, so they should play now.
Keegan can now be found by the Camp Approach on Day 2 for the twinsome quest, his scene however is not finished.

v0.14 Beta
Release Notes:
Currently the storyline still ends in the same spot, I'm still rendering the end of Night 2 scenes.
Fixes to Chapter 4 content from previous Beta 1
Added NPC's and Flavor Text (To most all of them)
Added new interactions with Keena, Keegan, Xara, Taler, Yusara, and Ava
Finished the Training Scene with Yusara
Added Quest Log updates (Main Quest, 4 Side Quest)
Removed one map (Seemed redundant)
Fixed Jalin not approaching the player when entering South Eldin
Spoilers In this next section
There are 4 ways to end the first night (Sage, Courtney, Keena, or Keena and Courtney) Play this night right and you can get an extra scene later at end of night 2 (its not in game yet)
There are Two variations to the Ent scene (one involves walking away after starting the blowjob)
There are three versions of the Ava and Brooke sex scene
The Peeping Tom (new to this version) moves around town both days, depending on the the time of day.
Tatia (new character) has an unmarked quest and moves around depending on the day and time.
Some storyline npc's now have further conversations outside of the main story if you find them roaming the maps.
I'm aware of a bad animation in a scene involving Keegan, I haven't had a chance to fix it yet. It plays, but looks wonky.

--- Bug Fixes ---
Fixed a major bug caused by an Engine/Plugin compatibility issue. This particular bug was causing some events to not start or play out properly. This has been fixed.

More Grammar!
Fixed the first four save slots from not working properly
Fixed entering the Castle Dungeon from the Tunnels leading to a blank/unused map.
Fixed Render issue with Futa Tabi - She'll look proper from behind in any NEW rendered images in game
Fixed Doors in the castle repeating dialogue
Fixed Yusara's Panty Page going to Aurora after setting her Journal Background
Fixed Setting Keena's Feyling journal background from freezing the game
Fixed a repeating paragraph in the Invasion Lore book in the Almare Library
Fixed the colored dialogue in the Brooke Workout event
Fixed Brooke Workout event not adding points to arousal
Fixed Ava's Panty menu appearing when picking up Yusara's Panties.
Fixed Xara's Panties not appearing (note: they don't appear till Day 3 of Chapter 1)
Fixed the King being in two places at once on Day 4 of Chapter 1
Fixed the Bodybuilder sex scene in the human world not lowering arousal when sex is had
Fixed the Bodybuilder sex scene triggering multiple times
Fixed Tabitha appearing with her glasses before she even has them
Fixed Shelly's TC Quickie from not lowering Arousal when Shelly goes down on Tabitha
Fixed Talking to Bruske outside Calens cave triggering his dialogue multiple times (leading to an eventual freeze)
Fixed the Daily Read in Vurand in Chapter 3 from displaying the wrong Tabitha
Fixed an animation not playing during the Trixie sex scene (Futa)
Fixed Tabitha's sprites in the Pixan changing scene (They were backwards)
Fixed The Futa Tabi Option not toggling Tabitha's Futa status properly
Fixed Futa Tabi appearing without her penis in some conversations
Fixed Courtney not appearing in Larina's tower if skip scene is used
Fixed the Gym not being available after Tabitha awakens.
Removed 2 redundant events


Updated all YanFly Plugins
Updated all SumRndDe Plugins
Updated Core RPGMaker Scripts to version 1.5.2
Added missing dialogue for refusing the Pixan advances
Removed the rather loud Female Moan sfx from the Marissa Sybian scene
Removed the rather loud Female Moan sfx from the Neighbor Peep scene
I rewrote all the Aurora based events, hopefully she's working as intended now for romancing
Night Peep Events in the castle now add to arousal (Makes it easier to get the arousal needed for Taler scene)
Removed the Tint Effect on the first day in Vurand (Was hard on the eyes)
The last part of the Groper Guy questline will now allow a slutty Tabitha to continue into the backyard. (30 or higher.)
Chapter Select will now set all the Panties as being found in previous chapters.
Chapter Select will now mark Tabitha as owning the Yoga Outfit and Bikini when going to Chapter 3.
Tabitha will now mention how the numbers work when setting stats in Chapter Select
Tabitha's Journal background will now change depending on Chapter and Futa Status
Made it a bit more obvious that some lore object have new dialogue with different people in the party.

--- Additions ---
Chapter Select Returns
New Story Events and a couple optionals (over 250 new renders)
Roughly a dozen new sprites (I lost count)
New(ish) Maps
New AI Detection Mechanic (I'll be abusing this in the future)
Scene Replay has been updated to include scenes up through this update.
Flavor Text for more npcs.

---Panty Version Only---
1 scene added for Ava
2 scenes added for Courtney
1 scene added for Xara

-Several Bug fixes to all chapters.
-Several renders fixed and cleaned up in chapters 2 and 3.
-Some rewrites to the story in chapters 2 and 3. Very minor.

-9 New full scenes in Chapter 3 (See maybe six per playthrough depending on choices in game.)
-2 New mini scenes in Chapter 3
Lots of long winded conversations...

---Bug Fixes---
-Tossing a dollar on the ground now removes a dollar from Tabitha
-Tabitha can no longer repeat the nude swimming in Vurand over and over
-Becca will no longer mention Tabitha's cock when Tabitha doesn't have one
-The first farm hand optional scene will no longer be available after Tabitha's Awakening
-Reading in Vurand will no longer display the wrong version of Tabitha -Xara's panties can now be found (On day 2, in the bathroom of Gena's) -Removed a bad command on the castle door that could cause the game to crash when entering from Almare
-Fixed the end of Risque Modeling showing Shelly's Avatar when Tabitha is speaking
-Fixed a bad choice option in Risque Modeling that could cause an endless loop animation
-Removed the last sprite I could find of the Groper Guys wife
-Removed a left over Orgasm sound effect from a couple scenes

- Over a dozen rerendered scenes, with a cleaner/smoother feel
- Over 30 new interactions and events added between Chapter 1 and 2.
- New Characters introduced (One a possible romance interest for Tabitha)
- Sprites are finally finished for all NPC's
- All the Maps have been properly parallaxed, some redone from scratch.
- New HUD, replaces the Journal Option.
- Redone Options Menu and choices
- Quest/Event tracking was completely redone (Rewrote every event from scratch)

It's a small start to Chapter 3, I have a lot of map and character work to do before I can get too far into Chapter 3.

Bug Fixes:
- Courtney shouldn't bug out in Vurand anymore.
- A few small map tweaks.

- 5 Main story scenes
- Finale to Aurora's SQ
- 5 optional event scenes
- 2 Special Panty Scenes for the Panty Edition (Astal and Lily masturbation scenes.) These are not the typical 3 slide scenes like Tabitha's masturbation scenes.
- Tabitha has gained a new ability, very limited use as of right now.

- Reworked the Chapter Select to include Chapter 3 start.
- Attribute Checks and dialogue choices are now color coded (This partially snuck into version .09b)
- Attribute Check Toggle - Turns off the need for Attribute checks during scenes. (I may have missed a couple, please let me know.)

Version .09, the end of Chapter 2.

This update is rather small in terms of the main story. There's only two and half scenes as far as it is concerned. There is however 7 new scenes scattered throughout Chapter 2, plus Tabitha's two Panty Scenes for those that get access to them.

*Note* The Panty scenes will require a new game be started, as they unlock as you play, the game will notify you when one unlocks.

And the Change Log:

Bug Fixes:
Aurora's quest line now fails properly if you stayed at Shelly's
Fixed Skipping the nude photo shoot from setting the wrong quest stage and not paying Tabitha
Fixed the nude photo shoot from setting the wrong quest stage
Many fixes to Calen's scene that caused issues when going the Tabitha Only route.

Obedience and Attitude have been combined into one Attribute, Temperament.
Removed the Attribute Check for the Prince Begging
Removed a few Attribute checks, lowered all others.
Update Save Game has been moved to Story Options
Clear Scene function added to Story Options, will remove any pictures that stick on screen
Journal Backgrounds are now selectable from the Panty Collection Menu
Scene Replay is now available from the main menu, rather than the beds (it will still give Tabitha arousal)

(Patron) New Masturbation scenes available at Fae House in Vurand
(Patron Tier 3 or higher) Tabitha's Panty Scenes have been added.
(Patron) New Journal Backgrounds (21 in Total)
2(almost 3) New Main Story scenes added
Daily Workout slides added (Must purchase workout clothes first)
Daily Reading slides added (Must collect a human world book first)
Animal Act Quest can now be finished
6 New optional Scenes added
2 New optional Conversations added
Tabitha can now purchase two new outfits (Dominatrix outfit and Gym Clothes)

Make sure to use the Update Save function if you use an ongoing game, otherwise Tabitha's attributes will be all wonky and many scenes will not work. The game will recalculate her new Temperament and Sluttyness scores for you.

- (Patron) New Masturbation scenes available at Shelly and Courtney's apartments
- Toy For Tabi Quest can now be completed, Ask Courtney about her toy.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an unfinished portion of the Steve/Shelly encounter from playing out if certain choices are made
- Fixed a bad flag being set during the Steve/Shelly encounter
- Fixed the Animations not ending in some cases during the Steve/Shelly Encounter
- Fixed "Skip Scene" during the naked photoshoot leaving Tabitha naked.
- Fixed Eric offering the Meet Ditch portion of the main quest after you've already completed it.
- Fixed arousal not raising on some maps.
- Fixed some maps not having background music
- Fixed exiting Scene Replay menu from automatically ending the day and breaking the main story
- Fixed the Scene Replay menu, it will no longer switch back and forth from side to side
- Fixed Groper Guy not leaving if Tabitha chooses not to flash him
- Fixed Tabitha's Dresser in the Anders home not working correctly.
- Fixed Tabitha and/or the Groper guy getting stuck during movement
- Fixed the Oral Route of Tabi/Courtney morning futa so it doesn't end prematurely
- Fixed the "Skip Scene" for the Tabi/Courtney morning futa scene
- Fixed the Ending of the Tabi/Courtney morning NonFuta scene (it was playing both)
- Fixed some Backdrops that looked funky
- The 2nd portion of the Neighbor Voyeur Quest should no longer disappear
- Corrected Courtney thinking Tabitha had already agreed to share the Vurand Bed, before even talking to her
- Fixed a bad slide in the Calen threesome route
- Corrected Courtney suddenly sprouting her cock in the Calen Threesome with Futa Content turned off
- Fixed a jerky animation in the Calen Threesome scene
- Fixed a jerky animation in the Neighbor Voyeur Pt2 Fantasy
- Fixed the jerky lighting in the castle masturbation scenes

- Updated to use RPGMakerMV 1.5 source
- Lots of general cleanup of events and code
- Removed GIF Animations (Do not want to rely on a plugin that may never update)
- Revamped Slideshow animations to make them a little smoother
- Masturbation now only lowers Tabitha's arousal by half it's current amount
- Scenes where Tabitha does not orgasm will now raise her arousal by a few points
- Entering Titty City now raises Tabitha's arousal to 100 instantly upon entering
- Tabitha now requires 70 or higher Sluttyness to agree to the nude photoshoot
- Tabitha now requires 75 or higher arousal or sluttyness to agree to the masturbate during the nude photoshoot
- Groper Guy quest now Requires 65 Sluttyness to Flash, 70 to Grope, and 75 to Tit Fuck (or 70 arousal)
- Lowered Sluttyness check to have sex with Ditch to 70
- Lowered the Sluttyness check for some special dialogue in the Calen scene from 90 to 80
- Increased the default Arousal rate from 1-3 to 2-5 every 1 minute of gameplay.
- Arousal will no longer stop raising during cutscenes
- Lowered overall game volume
- Lowered the Affection needed by Lily to give Tabitha her ring
- Lowered the amount of samples Tabitha must investigate before TC opens from 8 to 5
- Tabi's sybian scene is now available on Day 3 incase it was missed on Day 2

Bug Fixes
– Fixed being able to speak with an Invisible Lily during the main story
– Fixed an incorrect Dialogue where Tabitha said she could only stay at the Anders house even after Shelly offered her apartment.
-Fixed the Groper Guy from appearing even when you didn’t meet him by taking his kids jar of money.
– Fixed Courtney’s Bathroom not working on day 3
– Fixed Part 2 of the Neighbor Peep quest from being repeatable.
– Fixed waking up at Shelly’s not properly flagging you as having $40 when/if you do.

New Vurand Map
New Downtown Issan Map

– Added Map pre-loading to the beginning of the game. The game will now load the Large Maps (Castle/Kingdom/Issan/Downtown/Vurand) into memory before starting the game.
This should reduce issues with “Now Loading” Hopefully…

Important: GIF Animations are not working with this version, be sure to switch to Slideshow for now. The plugin I use for GIF was not updated for the latest version of RPGMaker. I’m hoping it is updated before I release version .09

v0.8 hotfix
Just a small patch to correct a few issues.
- Fixes Courtney appearing too early and locking the game up.
- Fixes Courtney locking up the game if you refuse to share a bed with her.
- Fixes Black Screen bug when telling Bruske you can't leave yet and then coming back.
- Fixes the Chapter 1 optional events not working with the Scene Replay System.

*Minor Note: Courtney appearing too early was also causing the update to end prematurely, meaning you may have missed out on the Calen scene... which by the way is the biggest scene in the game at this point with over 450 renders created for it.

Change Log Time: It's a big one
- Fixed Leaving Shelly's to Courtney's taking you back to Shelly's
- Fixed the Television News image from staying on screen till you load a save
- Fixed picking up the panties in Thrift from keeping Tabitha's bust on screen.
- Fixed entering royal bath from starting Yusara scene before being given that portion of the quest.
- Fixed a bug in the Yusara bathing scene that was setting the "Sex With Yusara" flag for the Blowjob and not the Vaginal Sex.
- Fixed a Ditch scene Animation that looked rather horrid. (The licking one)
- Fixed a few slides/bust where Tabitha was missing her piercings.
- Fixed three slides with Bruske... He had no texture! How did I miss that?

- Removed the Tutorials and their related pop ups.
- Tabitha can now flag down Haley at the bar after being drugged to skip the Alley Rape scene
- Tabitha can now follow Shelly into the bathroom if she is either Dominant or Slutty (70+ Sluttyness)
- The game now tracks Tabitha's virginity. (Please see the note below)
- Redid the Issan Suburbs map
- Changes to the Castle Map to make getting around less tedious

- (Patron Only) You can select which Journal Background you use via the Story Options menu. (Backgrounds for the Human Girls will be next update)
- (Patron Only) You will notice a new option in the main menu... Give it a try.
- (Patron Only) One daily masturbate scene added to the Anders House bed. (More to "Cum"... bad pun
- Scene Replay: Choose the Fantasize option at any of Tabitha's beds to re-live her past sexual encounters. (Note: This updates Scenes aren't available yet in this)
- Chapter Select: Skip directly to Chapter 2 via an option available in the menu. This function only works at the very start of a new game.
- TC Waitresses Now have character bust... please remember to tip your waitresses.
- More new/updated Character Sprites, Tabitha should appear less intimidating near the puny guards now.
- New HUD for Arousal and Money(in human world) tracking.
- 25 Scenes added (Note: You will only get 1-10 of those scenes in a single play through)

You must use the Update Save Game function for all on going games. Failure to do so will cause Tabitha to be invisible, and keep her virginity status at "lost"

---Virginity Tracking---
I highly recommend starting a new game if you are going the "pure" route. Not all scenes had checks in place for her virginity and as such using the Update Save function may incorrectly set Tabitha's virginity. This is especially true if your Tabitha had sex with Yusara, as the Sex flag was incorrectly set to the blowjob option, not the vaginal option.


Version: v0.15 Beta1

 | Status: Abandoned

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